The Swiss watch exports in November year is still 32 years to stabilize the worst year

As the largest market in Hongkong in November was stabilized, Swiss watch exports in October hit 7 years showed signs of improvement after the biggest decline. In November the Swiss watch exports fell 5.6% to 1 billion 856 million 200 thousand Swiss francs, the decline narrowed significantly compared to 16.4% in October, which was mainly attributable to exports accounted for 13.4% of the Hongkong market can basically unchanged from the same period last year, only a slight decrease of 0.7% to 248 million 800 thousand Swiss francs, while the October decline of up to 22%. However, the replica watches industry association released data that is still not only a month to the performance of long-term conclusions, but Hongkong November data is certainly good news. In addition, the mainland Chinese continued since the summer of recovery, 11 monthly growth of 7.9% to 116 million 400 thousand Swiss francs; Britain has also benefited from the devaluation of the pound to drive to the tourism consumption increased 6.5% to 129 million 200 thousand swiss replica watches francs. The improvement is also reflected in the six major markets, although there are still 4 of the decline in the market, but the main market is close to half of the rise in 30. At the same time, the United States had recorded the largest decline since March this year, fell 18% to 196 million 500 thousand Swiss francs. The old European market is also weak, Italy, Germany and France have shown varying degrees of decline, especially in France, the most serious. As of November, the replica watches exports in 2016 year-on-year value has been reduced by 10.4% to 17 billion 740 million 200 thousand Swiss francs, expected sales this year will hit the 32 years since 1984 the lowest value. Compagnie Financi re Richemont SA (CFR.VX) Richemont group has announced that this year the two rounds of layoffs, involving Cartier Cartire, Vacheron Constantin and other luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin. Even in November the market pick up, your price list is still the most hit category. Precious metals and more than 3000 Swiss francs watch exports were down 13.4% and 3.6%, export value reached 15% and 7.1% or more. The export volume and export value of the steel sheet with the largest export category were 6.4% and 5% respectively.